Professional Experience

Lead Designer – Naughty Dog, 2010 – 2014

Games Released: Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Left Behind DLC

  • Work closely with Game Director and Creative Director to understand their vision and develop concrete methods for implementing and communicating action items to the rest of the team
  • Schedule and manage design team
  • Review all design work to make sure that it supports narrative, parity between protagonist action and player sentiment, pacing, and player agency
  • Work with leads to schedule all departments for major deadlines (playtests, E3, etc)
  • Prototype and develop new gameplay systems (crafting, AI ally behaviors, large-scale climbable moving level geo, etc)
  • Level layout (3D simple geo) and scripting (at least one full level and major set-piece per game; Note: I feel that it is very important to do development as a lead so that I still fully understand the technical constraints that the team faces)

Game Designer – Naughty Dog, 2009

Games Released: Uncharted 2

  • Work with Design leads and director to execute on their vision
  • Understand the relationship between story and gameplay; translate that into moment-by-moment level flow
  • Level layout (3D simple geo); work directly with artists to take the level to final polish
  • Scripting (LISP); develop some of the most complex sequences in Uncharted 2, including the Train and Convoy.

Lead Designer – Blue Omega Entertainment, 2003 – 2008

Games Released: Damnation

  • One of 3 founding members of studio
  • Take part in all aspects of startup studio development (hiring, securing funding, pitching to publishers, developing infrastructure, etc)
  • Work with Creative Director to execute on his vision
  • Pioneering work in art and engineering outsourcing
  • Level layout and final art asset placement, lighting (Unreal Engine)
  • Visual Scripting (Kismet)

UI Designer – TTSS,  2002

  • Design UI for interactive directory kiosks and DMV testing systems


B.F.A (Computer Art) School of Visual Arts, New York, 2002


  • Lab Tech and Programmer – Rutgers Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Artist and Programmer – In Video Productions, Nickelodeon
  • Location Scout and Production Assistant – New Jersey Film and Television Commission
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