Game Design with the Dogs @ PAX

31 07 2010

I participated in a panel called Naughty Dog Live at PAX East with some of the other Dogs. This panel covered the level design process used at Naughty Dog. Thanks to Arne (and his parents) for filming it and to Ryan for editing it together into a rad video!


Hip Hop Gamer Show Interview

11 04 2010

We met up with the guys from at PAX East. I love these guys. We’re at about 35:00.

(P.S. — Sorry about the crazy image below. Looks like they used our U2 desktop background at full res as their video icon. Just click it and the player will appear.)

The Programmer Question

1 04 2010

I’ve just updated the Educational Work page of my site with info regarding my recent GDC talk and PAX panel.  One question I received a lot at GDC was,

“I’m a programmer.  I want to represent my work on my portfolio site, but the artist I’m collaborating with SUCKS.  How can I show my programming work off to good effect without having good art to hang it on?”

I posed this question to the prog-dogs, and you’ll find their responses here.

PAX Pics

29 03 2010

The Naughty Dog Live panel at PAX East went off without a hitch.  We got a great response and lots of compliments.  Fans told us that we were really the only guys at PAX showing fans the Behind-the-Scenes stuff, rather than just an advertisement.  Sadly, the theater we were in couldn’t accommodate even half the fans and media who wanted to get in.  There was a line forming 2 hours before the panel and the theater reached max capacity 1.5 hours early.  Justin Richmond, Richard Lemarchand, and I spent some time at the end of the line, apologizing to fans who couldn’t get in.

While we were standing there, Jerry Holkins walked by and we started chatting.  Apparently we have paparazzi because this got posted on Youtube.

Oh, and Steven Totillo of Kotaku was quite taken with my handmade Naughty Dog blazer.  Today, my very own Kotaku article, tomorrow, Go Fug Yourself!

Naughty Dog LIVE – Game Design with the Dogs

24 03 2010

I’m going to be on a panel with some of the other Dogs this weekend at PAX East:

Naughty Dog LIVE – Game Design with the Dogs
Naga Theatre
Saturday, 4:00pm

Come take a peek into how we get games made at Naughty Dog. Three Naughty Dog game designers hold a game design meeting right in the middle of PAX East to tackle the challenge of developing a new gameplay sequence in the UNCHARTED universe, and to make it work for both a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. We’ll take you through the same highly collaborative, iterative, no-holds-barred design process that went into UNCHARTED 2 – hear us laugh at our own ridiculous design suggestions; check out our terrible drawing skills; witness us engage in, er, “friendly” debate as we overcome challenges! We’ll also take this time to pull back the curtain on what it was like to design gameplay for UNCHARTED 2 and answer questions until we run out of time.
Panelists Include: Richard Lemarchand, Jacob Minkoff, Justin Richmond, Arne Meyer.

GDC Lecture Slides up on the Vault

24 03 2010

The slides for my lecture are up on the GDC Vault. I’ll be posting a video as soon as possible.

Game Developers Choice Awards

15 03 2010

Uncharted 2 cleaned up at the Game Developers Choice Awards!