New Horizons

1 08 2014

Just a quick update. I’m back in LA. I went couch-surfing in the Peruvian jungle for a bit after finishing up Left Behind, but the jungle had a bit too much malaria for me. So, I’ve taken a new position as Design Director at Infinity Ward. Had a great run at Naughty Dog with all the fantastic people there, and I can’t wait to play Uncharted 4 as a fan. Excited to work with my longtime buddy and colleague Taylor Kurosaki and the rest of the talented team at IW!


E3 Recap

30 07 2011

Oh, right, E3 happened and I forgot to post about it.

We showed a rad, new trailer.

Part of my Cruise Ship level was featured at the Sony press conference.

I did not dishonor myself or my studio during interviews.


Carry on.

Jacob Minkoff’s mustache is the future

27 04 2011

From the interview comments: “Jacob Minkoff’s mustache is the future.”

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Trailer

23 04 2011

Check out our trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s Multiplayer component with music by Skrillex.

Drake’s Deception 3D Interview

23 04 2011

Watch me get grilled about Uncharted 3’s 3D support.

Uncharted 3 Villain Revealed

13 03 2011

We’ve just revealed Katherine Marlowe — the main villain of Drake’s Deception. She’s unlike any nemesis that Drake has faced in the previous games; a much more cerebral foe.

Uncharted 3 Announcement: BTS

20 12 2010

THRILL to our new behind the scenes video for the UNCHARTED 3 announcement! SEE the stunningly attractive quartet of Josh Scherr, Taylor Kurosaki, Amy Hennig, and Christophe Balestra perform daring acts of GAME DEVELOPMENT! ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE! You will not BELIEVE your eyes! As a SPECIAL BONUS, viewers will be treated to not one, but TWO sizzling shots of the back of my HEAD!