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online portfolios

I originally made this page to aid my GDC talk, Getting Noticed: Why You Need an Online Portfolio and How to Make One. For students who have not built up a large enough professional portfolio yet, projects they did at school would go here.

Additionally, at the talk, I received a number of questions from programming students as to how best to display their work if they didn’t have a good artist to work with.  I posed this question to the programmers at Naughty Dog and you can find their responses here.

Acquiring the right skills is only the first step to getting hired in the games industry; now those skills need to be displayed. A well-written cover-letter and resume are important but, in game development, the online portfolio is king.  Using examples drawn from actual industry portfolios spanning multiple disciplines and laying out a step-by-step process for portfolio website and content generation, this talk will show you how to easily create a professional-quality portfolio website that will substantially increase your odds of being hired for a game development position no matter what your concentration or experience level.

level design

I participated in a panel called Naughty Dog Live at PAX East with some of the other Dogs.  This panel covered the level design process used at Naughty Dog. 

Come take a peek into how we get games made at Naughty Dog. Three Naughty Dog game designers hold a game design meeting right in the middle of PAX East to tackle the challenge of developing a new gameplay sequence in the UNCHARTED universe, and to make it work for both a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. We’ll take you through the same highly collaborative, iterative, no-holds-barred design process that went into UNCHARTED 2 – hear us laugh at our own ridiculous design suggestions; check out our terrible drawing skills; witness us engage in, er, “friendly” debate as we overcome challenges! We’ll also take this time to pull back the curtain on what it was like to design gameplay for UNCHARTED 2 and answer questions until we run out of time.


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