PAX Pics

29 03 2010

The Naughty Dog Live panel at PAX East went off without a hitch.  We got a great response and lots of compliments.  Fans told us that we were really the only guys at PAX showing fans the Behind-the-Scenes stuff, rather than just an advertisement.  Sadly, the theater we were in couldn’t accommodate even half the fans and media who wanted to get in.  There was a line forming 2 hours before the panel and the theater reached max capacity 1.5 hours early.  Justin Richmond, Richard Lemarchand, and I spent some time at the end of the line, apologizing to fans who couldn’t get in.

While we were standing there, Jerry Holkins walked by and we started chatting.  Apparently we have paparazzi because this got posted on Youtube.

Oh, and Steven Totillo of Kotaku was quite taken with my handmade Naughty Dog blazer.  Today, my very own Kotaku article, tomorrow, Go Fug Yourself!




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